Oral Cavity Exams in Penrith

A Healthy Mouth Is a Happy Mouth

At Dell & Ben Christie Denture Clinic, your oral health is our number-one priority. We encourage you to allow our professionals to conduct a complete oral examination in order to detect abnormalities and address oral health concerns to give you the best, most comfortable denture experience available.

Providing the best oral care for a healthier, happier smile

First Time Visits

Our professionals will need to conduct a comprehensive oral exam to not only evaluate the health of your jaw, teeth and gums but also to determine your bite and medical conditions that may affect the comfort and fit of your dentures or mouthguard. You can expect a thorough, yet comfortable and pain-free experience from our team.

Recurring Visits

To ensure that your dentures are fitting comfortably and correctly, our team will conduct a yearly oral exam of your gums, jaw and remaining teeth and determine if any changes need to be made on your current dentures to guarantee better functionality and satisfaction. Let our team at Dell & Ben Christie Denture Clinic help you to make your smile as comfortable and healthy as possible.


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