Denture Relining Services Provided in Penrith

We do same-day repairs to get your dentures back to you quickly

Denture Repair Service

In the instance of denture damage, it’s important to get them to our facility quickly so that we may inspect them and determine the best solution for their repair. Our team is expertly trained and educated on the repair and adjustment of dentures to ensure the most comfortable and reliable product.

My Dentures Are Damaged. What Do I Do?

Denture damage can be quite common, especially in the case of improper handling and lack of care. Here are some tips to follow if you have noticed that your dentures have become damaged.

Save the Pieces

Gather any parts of the denture that you can find and bring them in with you to your next appointment. This can save you time and money, as our team can recreate your broken dentures with ease.

Remove the Dentures

Do not continue to wear your damaged dentures as they can cause injury to your oral cavity, as well as further damage to the already impaired dentures. Soak them or place them in a case for transportation.

Come See Us

If you are feeling irritation with your dentures or have experienced an accident that caused your dentures to be damaged, visit our team as quickly as possible so we can get your smile back in place.

Don’t Delay. Come and See Us Today

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