Commercial Denture Laboratory in Penrith

Tailored to meet your needs

Our Commercial Laboratory

Because we have our own dental laboratory to fulfil our denture and mouthguard orders, we can offer you services that are better tailored to fit your dental needs. Our laboratory also allows us to create custom-work for your dentures, such as acrylic services and cobalt chrome castings. We also regularly do outsourcing work for other dental practices. If you need any laboratory services that you can’t perform in your own office, call us today. We are more than happy to help. We service all of the Blue Mountain and Penrith region.

Competitive Pricing

Because we do all of our work in our own laboratory, our services and products can be found to be much more affordable and accessible to our customers. For your next denture service or repair, please turn to our team at Dell & Ben Christie Denture Clinic for the best price and service.


Acrylic Services

Acrylic is considered to be the go-to material for dentures, as they adhere more securely to the base and are much stronger than the past plastic dentures.


Our laboratory allows us to fulfil all mouthguard orders in-house so we know we’re getting you the best quality quickly. We can help you, whether you need a mouthguard or you need mouthguards created for your own practice.


Dental splints are devices to help with problems such as loose teeth and teeth grinding. Let us help you with personalised aid for your dental health.

Cobalt Chrome Castings

Our commercial laboratory clinic also allows us to create cobalt chrome castings for a more permanent and rigid style of denture.Our commercial laboratory clinic will give you best service.Provide you faster and best denture service.

Let Us Give You a Faster, Better Denture Experience